Video Production Services: Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Video Production Services FAQ page, where we've compiled answers to the most commonly asked questions about our video production department.

Discover insights into our video production process, video production costs, and copyright matters.

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What Types of Video Production Services Does Captivation Agency Offer?

From pre-production/planning, to full-service production & post-production/editing efforts, our in-house Sarasota video production services team can capture footage at your location(s), or you can come to our Sarasota, Florida production studio (just a short drive south from Tampa/St. Petersburg or north from Naples) and enjoy a comfortable, friendly environment to tell your story with us.

To learn more about our video production services, please visit our corresponding services page here.

Will Your Video Production Team Travel to Other Areas for Shoots?

Yes! Our production team will travel just about anywhere!

If that is a requirement of your next production, please let us know so that travel and lodging expenses will be accounted for in our project investment outline.

Do You Film Weddings & Special Events?

Although we don't film weddings or personal special events, we do produce video content for (as well as capture special events as they happen for) corporations - including "lunch & learns", seminars, corporate break-outs, strategic planning meetings, company retreats, and corporate outings (to name just a few).

Contact us to learn how we can help produce content for, or recap content of your next corporate event!

How Much Will It Cost to Produce My Video Production?

Although most video productions we produce fall into approximately video production project is unique - which makes assigning a cost to a project without talking through the details with you first very difficult. That being said most projects fall somewhere between $5,000 and $500,000.

How Do Your Hourly Rates Compare to Other Video Production Companies in the Area?

We do not have hourly rates. We believe in delivering outstanding video production projects for our clients, with a long-term value that far exceeds its physical cost. Accordingly, each video project we produce is first reviewed with you by our production team in order to establish your specific goals and an associated scope. From there, a project outline and overall investment level are determined and presented for electronic approval. This ensures that you know exactly how much your production will cost, free of surprises, and allow you to most effectively manage your marketing budget. To learn more about our video production process, click here.

Will You Help in Developing the Concept for Our Commercial?

Absolutely! Regardless of what stage of planning your video production project is, our team can assist with determining your overall goals, developing a content outline, writing a script, as well as a wealth of other pre and post-production services. Contact our production team today to start the process!

Do We Own the Rights to the Video Project You Produce for Us?

Once you have provided all necessary approvals and remitted final payment for your project, all respective copyrights shall be transferred from us, to you for the previously agreed-upon deliverables. Unless otherwise specified, we reserve the opportunity to share your finished project as part of our client portfolio of work.

What If We Need Video Footage Captured Without Editing?

Not a problem! We work with loads of agencies and video production partners from around the world who need footage captured locally for use as part of a larger production they are working on.

It's more cost-effective to have us do the local recording and send the footage via a mailed hard drive or large file relay. Contact us and we'll coordinate the details with you (including the desired video format and resolution requirements) along with the best way to get the footage to you to ensure you have what you need, when you need it.

What If We Have Existing Footage That We Need to Be Edited?

In most cases, we can edit pre-existing footage captured outside of our team. Contact us to connect with our production team to go over the details.

How Can Creating Video Content Increase Traffic to Our Website?

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, owned by the first - Google. When video content is produced and added to a company's YouTube Channel, that content is not only accessible on YouTube, but is also made available to show in relevant search results on Google. By utilizing proper video search optimization methodologies your video can be used to create additional links back to key content areas on your website or other social media properties. Want to get your videos optimized for search? Contact Us!

Are You Hiring?

We are always looking for talented individuals to join our primary or extended virtual resource teams! Please send a message to us via the following employment form.

Client Testimonials

I could not be happier with the whole process from start to finish. They were able to make a fairly complex project simple and organized. They were very timely with all communication and they made the editing process so streamlined, efficient and user-friendly, I enthusiastically would recommend Captivation Agency for any of your video needs.

Joseph Caulkins

Joseph Caulkins

Artistic Director, Key Chorale
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