Our Video Production Process

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Quality in Work. Innovative in Thinking. Captivating in Execution.

These three statements embody the core principles behind every project we produce for our clients, and video production is no exception. Every video project we produce undergoes our unique process, outlined below, to ensure its success. Our in-house, Sarasota video production team will work closely with you to identify your goals, develop unique concepts and produce a finished video for your brand, non-profit or agency that is as unique as you are.

So without further ado, let's walk through each stage of our video production process.

Outline: The Video Production Process

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01 Defining Your Goals

Beautiful video content should be what we refer to as the "baseline given" when hiring a professional production partner. Without fully understanding your goals of the project at hand, the likelihood of achieving your desired outcome becomes far less probable. Our team will work with you to confirm project goals, establish messaging, solidify required brand elements and ensure that the finished production resonates with your target audience.
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02 Direction & Scope Approval

Once your goals are defined, it's now time to encapsultate what we've learned into a project direction and overall scope outline for approval. This will be delivered via an online document that you can review, share, and sign to confirm our ability to proceed with the next phase of the project: Pre-Production.
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03 Pre-Production

Propper planning is essential to any successful video production. Our in-house production team will work with you and your organization to set shooting schedules, coordinate interviews with key individuals, and secure locations/props/products needed before the record button is ever pushed.
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04 Production

Lights, camera, action! Here's the part that we all love the most - our locations, props and people are assembled at just the right time, and we are ready to begin capturing the elements that will ultimately be crafted into your finished video production. Once all footage ("principle photography") is captured, we are set to move on to the next phase: Post Production.
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05 Post-Production

With footage now in hand, it is time to begin shaping the story - based on the previously defined goals, elements and outcomes. Accordingly, the post-production phase of a video project can be broken down into the following sub-sections:
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05a First Cut

The First Cut allows for us to set the initial storyline, place associated supporting footage (b-roll) and allow for a "first draft" to be sent to you for review with your team. From this initial review, we proceed to the Revison Cut.
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05b Revision Cut (if Needed)

With all feedback captured from you and your team, we move into producing your Revision Cut. The sending of this cut for review follows a similar process to that of the First Cut (via our online review system) - allowing you to realize and confirm all requested changes meet your expectations. Once the Rivision Cut has been approved, we proceed to the Final Cut.
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05c Final Cut

With approval of the requested revisions in the previous step and your storyline and associated supporting footage in position, our team will proceed with the Final Cut actions - including color grading, sound mastering, as well as licensing any additional stock elements, such as video or soundtracks (scores).
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06 Project Delivery

Fin. (The End). With the Final Cut complete, your video is packaged in all previously determined deliverable formats and sent to you electronically (unless otherwise specified) for use in your website, marketing campaign or premier event.

Client Testimonials

As a local nonprofit, we hold an Annual Celebration and Grant Awards Ceremony each year. Due to our current in-person limitations, we looked to Captivation Agency to help us take our program virtually.  From the outset, they were accommodating and patient, guiding us skillfully through the process with ease. To me, that is equally as important as the final product, and they certainly delivered on both counts. The video was absolutely amazing and is a production that elevates the mission of Impact100 SRQ in the Global Impact community, and across our own community as well. We look forward to our next project!

Amy Tupper

Amy Tupper

Vice President, Impact100 SRQ
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