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Our Creative Process

Whether you are a CMO or similarly-positioned marketing professional - representing a brand, non-profit or leading client project delivery for your advertising/production agency, you rely on your creative partners to produce the very best video, website, and graphic design content for your organization. But the "very best" doesn't stop with how a project looks... That's where measuring the very best should truly begin.

Your Process-Driven Creative Agency

At Captivation Agency, we know that great project outcomes live and die by the strength of the creative process behind them. Our Sarasota-based creative studio has served clients for over 15 years and produced thousands of creative pieces - many of which for household brands that you undoubtedly interact with every day. So how can we do the same for you? Select a service pillar below to take a deeper look into its process.

Our Video Production Process

The thing I appreciate most about working on a project with Captivation Agency is their sincere interest in the client's success. This is rare to find these days. Customer service is excellent, and they have never disappointed on delivering what was promised. This is a quality shop!

Dottie Rutledge

Dottie Rutledge

President, DR & Associates