Why Your Grandparents Shouldn't Hate Social Media

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May 29, 2018
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It’s no exaggeration to say the internet has changed the way we work and play.  It has changed our culture and the way we think.  Now, with the rise of social media, we’ve changed the way we interact with one another and how we communicate our thoughts, stories, and ideas.

Well, at least most of us.  There are some people that still resist climbing aboard the social media train - many of our grandparents.  Often their excuse resembles something like, “I don’t care to read about what other people had for breakfast”.  And while there are some people that feel the need to use social media networks like a personal diary complete with personal insights about their love life and photos of every meal, social media can be utilized for so much more.  Your grandparents shouldn't hate social media, they should view it as a new form of communication.

Social Media Growth

In the not too distant past, people grew up in a world where people got their news from newspapers, magazines, and the radio.  Next, TV came along.   Then, cable television debuted.  The pace of technology was slow and steady.  But these days, new technologies are thrust upon us like machine gunfire.

It’s difficult to imagine that it was only about 20 years ago that most of us were just getting acquainted with the internet.  Things have changed so rapidly in such a short period of time that many of us in the industry struggle to keep current with new trends and the latest innovations.  It’s no wonder that, when it comes to technology, the generation gap is widening between techies and senior citizens.  Just a small fraction of social media users are 55 and older.  Many of them feel left behind and are having a hard time grasping the concepts of social media platforms.  Yet, if they devout the time to learn how to navigate networks like Facebook, they often become active users.

Why?  Because we all feel the need to interact with others, express ourselves and hear other’s opinions on subjects that are important to us.  Social media networks allow us to do what we’ve always done in an easier, more effective manner.  And people engage in content more readily when it’s brought to their attention by friends, family or people they know and trust.  In fact, 90% trust peer recommendations, another reason your grandparents shouldn't hate social media.  Less than 15% trust advertisements.

Just a few decades ago, when your grandparents needed a plumber or other service, they would have a conversation with their next-door neighbor through the hedgerow that separated the two houses.  They’d ask Mr. Wilson who he recommended in the plumbing field.  Your grandparents might get a referral from him, but it was doubtful that their needs were exactly like his.

Today, social media networks work much in the same way – only now thousands, perhaps millions, of people are waiting at the hedgerow and ready to join in the discussion.  And chances are, more than a few people have had the exact same experience as you, or have bought the same product, saw the same movie, etc.  People can comment, leave reviews and recommend products or services with just a few keyboard clicks.  And the posts are instantaneous.

Why Use Social Media For Your Business?

Social media will continue to rise in popularity and more and more applications for its use will pop up every day.  All of this is happening with or without you.  And people aren’t just engaging with friends and relatives on social media.  They are also engaging with businesses.  All types of businesses.

Regardless of your age, if you own a company, you can no longer ignore social media's significance.  For small businesses, social media allows you to:

  1. Connect with existing customers
  2. Attract new customers
  3. Increase visibility
  4. Self promote

If you own a business and are still resisting social media, just remember that hundreds of millions of people are using networks like Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, etc. These are potential customers you don’t want to ignore.

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to utilize social media.  If you’re really intimidated about the internet, you can hire a digital agency to handle things like building landing pages, posting content or downloading photos for you.  Just realize that if your business isn’t playing in the social media sandbox, it might as well be buried underneath the sandbox, invisible to everyone.

The fundamentals of business may not change, but the way products and services are marketed, and the way people interact with their favorite brands, has been drastically altered.  With a little time and effort, and some guidance along the way, anyone can move their business into the world of social media and reap the rewards it has to offer.

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