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September 21, 2021
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An explanation video, otherwise know as an explainer video, is a type of video marketing tool used by companies to educate and inform their target audience or market and potential customers in a (short and clear) and (easy and understandable) manner. This type of video looks like a (quick and easy-to-follow) tutorial and is usually shown on a screen and narrated in a (slow and long-winded) manner. 

Explanation videos are a web phenomenon that captures the attention of people and serves as a great marketing tool.  These video projects can bring you a big return.  The purpose of an explainer video is to show how your product works, the benefits of your product, as well as connect emotionally with the customer.  

What makes a Great Explanation video?

There are a few things to consider when planning your explainer video.  First, consider the style of connection you want to make with your target audience, humor, emotional, or strictly information sharing.  That will not only influence your explainer video script, but also the style of your video project. 

Once you are ready to start writing the script you need to think about the length of the video.  Rule of thumb with an explanation video, the shorter the better.  Get to the point and share the real "meat" of your product in a simple explanation.  Do not use complicated technical terminology that your average viewer will not understand.  Keep them engaged, and include a "call to action", tell them what you want them to do!

Different Types of Explanation Videos

A video is not just a series of images. It's an experience that people react to in many different ways. A video can be funny or serious or dramatic or cute or sad or scary or scary, scariest. They come in all different lengths, from a few seconds to more than an hour.  Depending on your product, time frame, and budget there are a number of different types of explainer videos you could have created and produced.

Animated Explanation Video

An Animated Explanation Video can be not only a very beneficial choice for your budget but also a very effective video choice to reach a broader audience.  An animated approach can allow the designer to creatively allow a broader demographic to visualize the use or benefit of your product.  Animated explainer videos can also be manipulated with the eye-catching color schemes of your business logo.  In this type of video, your message could be shared by either 3D animation or flat-style animated elements.  

The production timeline of the animated explanation video is usually the shortest, the budget is a fraction of the cost of a live-action video, and it is easiest to edit or alter in the future.

Live-Action Explanation Video

A Live-Action explanation video is an explainer video that's filmed like a movie.  In a live-action video project, you are trying to form a strong emotional connection to the viewer, your potential customer.  Many times this is achieved by using an actual customer experience.  Live-Action explainer videos will be shot on location (or a number of locations) with a live cast of actors and a video production team.  

Producing a live-action explainer video is most commonly used when you have a celebrity endorsement or experience to share.  Live-action videos are also an effective choice when you want to catch your audience's attention with "real-life" humor.

Live-Action with Animation Explanation Video

When you are creating an explainer video for an app, software,  piece of technology, or gadget a live-action with animation video is an effective marketing video choice.  With that combination, you can connect with your audience emotionally with a live actual customer experience in addition to using animation to show how your product works this can make the live-action more eye-catching and visually appealing.  

Whiteboard Explanation Video

These videos are a great way to familiarize a new audience with a complex topic, and they can also be a great opportunity to showcase a product or service.  Whiteboard animation is a video production process that appears as though the information being shared is on a "school whiteboard".  This style uses very simplistic graphic design so that is why it is a great choice for sharing more complex topics.

Screencast Explanation Video

Screencast Explanation Videos are a great way to show a technical topic to a large audience in a way that is easy to understand. These types of videos are also called "how-to" videos, "screencasts", "show and tell" videos, or "demos". While online videos are the most common way to show off your technical skills, but they are not the only way to do it. Screencast Explanation Videos are another method of showing your expertise to others.  

Since the nature of a "how-to" or screencast video is a purely informational style of explainer video, it is recommended to interweave a screencast within a live-action or animated video to catch the attention of and connect with your potential customers to produce a convincing explainer video.

In conclusion, the goal of an explanation video is to educate and inform your audience.  Are you ready to add an explainer video to your website?  We, at Captivation Agency, would love to talk to you about your video needs.  Give us a call and schedule an appointment today!

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