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We All Love the Origin Story

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April 6, 2021
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Bruce Wayne became Batman after witnessing the death of his parents and vowed to stand up for the world’s injustice...

Tony Stark became Iron Man after realizing that the people holding him hostage were using the weapons his company produced to hurt the innocent...

Jack Napier became the Joker after falling into a large pool of toxic waste and becoming permanently disfigured…

Whether you root for the hero or empathize with the villain, the connection you have with characters like the ones above rarely centers around a cool costume. You connect with where they came from and what life events make them who they are today - their origin story.

Their origin story.

In business, it’s no different. Your tribe wants to know where you came from and what major events along the way shape your decisions and directions today.

It’s the origin story that resonates with your champion clients, customers, and donors - keeping you top of mind, and ultimately bringing you up in conversation with others that may not have heard of you yet.

People often shy away from sharing their story because they think people won’t be interested or they think their origin is not compelling enough. The opposite is often true.

Your story is the one thing others can’t imitate. Rally behind it and the right people will too!

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Ami Dewille

Ami Dewille

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