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Ways to Expand Brand Ambassador Awareness

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February 10, 2018
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First you find your brand ambassadors, but then what do you do?

Spreading the central message (or mission) of your company can be more difficult than it seems, as getting consumers to take the time to educate themselves about your company can be an expensive chore. In this article, we dive deeper into the different strategies you can utilize in your company to effectively spread your message with brand ambassador awareness.

Videos, Videos, Videos

One of the most popular methods of using brand ambassadors (due to success rates) is video. Videos often hit home with consumers more than that of text, as not only can they listen to what you have to say, but can also put a face to the company and/or product. People like to see who they are supporting, and how by using your company, they are helping a greater cause.

Videos are a great way to show employee happiness, as well as events that your company has done in order to better the community. Showing your values through video has been proven to elicit more feelings within an audience, as the combination of auditory and visual aids hits home harder than any other sensory combination. 

Ways to Share Your Videos

Okay, so you have a video, but how do you get people to see it? Social media, as discussed in prior articles, is an excellent way to share information about your company. Almost everyone has a social media account of some sort, making consumer viewership high. The majority of social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, allow for video uploads. Uploading your brand ambassador video(s) to social media platforms such as these help to spread the message quickly and effectively, especially through the use of consumer sharing. Some of the best platforms to utilize are:

  1. Facebook: With the most users of any social media platform, Facebook is a great way to get your message out there. Their "share" feature allows for users to share posts from other users or pages, such as your company. By sharing your video, friends of the sharer will be able to see the video, hitting new consumers and gaining views. The more views, the more people who know your message.
  2. YouTube: Being the first big video platform, YouTube is always a great place to upload video content. Make a channel for your company where consumers are able to view all of your videos in one place. Even better, make playlists to demonstrate all of the things you do in a much more organized fashion. (You can even add this to your LinkedIn profile!)
  3. Twitter: Similar to Facebook, Twitter allows users to "retweet", or share videos. While Twitter doesn't allow for super lengthy videos like Facebook does, it still is an effective tool in sharing your content.
  4. Instagram: What first began as a "photo-only" sharing platform, Instagram has recently added a video feature. This allows for accounts to post semi-short videos to share with its followers, similar to Facebook. While these videos can't be re-shared like on Facebook, they still can reach an extensive amount of people, especially with the correct use of hashtags. 

To look at some great examples of brand ambassador videos, click here to view our past article.

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