7 Ways to Use Video to Boost Business in a Pandemic

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September 19, 2020
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It's not much of a stretch to say that the coronavirus pandemic has changed us, both in our personal lives and how we do business. Most of us have changed the way we shop, dine out or gather around people. For many business owners that have felt the burn of a shutdown or at the very least a slowdown in revenue and sales, they may feel the need to suspend their marketing operations.

Watching the news can cause even the boldest of entrepreneurs to become weak in the knees. The potential economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic can be downright frightening. But now is not the time to roll over, let's think about adapting and pivoting. Have you wondered how you can start using video to boost business during this Covid-19 outbreak?

Fortune Still Favors the Bold

While it may be a time to thoroughly examine strategic aspects of your business, it shouldn't be a time to panic. The Covid-19 crisis forced us to artificially shut down the economy, which was hitting on all cylinders before the coronavirus struck. The economy wasn't going through a cyclical downturn. For many, that means the economy will recover, signaling a surge in consumer spending once again.

Until then, It's important to remember that fortune (still) favors the bold. The worst thing you can do is stop marketing efforts altogether. Rather, it now is the time to reinvent, shift, grow and thrive! So how do you effectively market your business in a contact-limited/contactless world? One of the most powerful ways is using video to boost business.

Why Video Marketing?

Marketing videos reach people at any stage of the buying process. Using video to boost business is particularly important now, as many of the ways you would conventionally be connecting with clients or customers (belly button to belly button) has been replaced with a "screen to screen" engagement. It's no secret that consumers are spending the majority of their time researching and communicating over their mobile or connected devices. This presents a unique opportunity for us as business owners to augment our in-person interactions with video, without losing the "feel", insight, or essence of what makes us truly unique to our patrons.

We now live in a world where static images and text (although still very much needed for search engines) will no longer captivate and hold our attention in the way video does. Start using video to boost business, videos tell a story like no other medium and directs the viewer to take the action(s) of our choosing.

7 Reasons Why Video is an Imperative Marketing Choice

The Comfort Level With Video is High

Video can give us a sense of human connection during these times of social distancing. In fact, 85% of all internet users in the U.S. watched online video content monthly on any of their devices (Statista).

Search Engines Are Fond of Video

What else can entice more numerous and longer page views than a watched video? An excellent reason to start using video to boost business. Also when you upload a video to YouTube (the second largest search engine behind Google) as well as your website, your potential to show up in relevant searches is greatly increased. A website is 53 times more likely to reach the front page of Google if it includes a video (Insivia)

Video is an Investment in Your Business

Video on a landing page can dramatically boost conversion rates and it can influence a visitor to make a purchasing decision. Video marketers get 66% more qualified leads each year and they also achieve a 54% increase in brand awareness (Optinmonster).

Video Builds Consumer Trust

The key is showing, not selling. When properly done, your business or product can be shown in a genuine, down-to-earth way that helps build a relationship between your brand and the consumer. 55% of consumers use online videos for shopping research (Google). With the pandemic health crisis forcing people to stay home, videos are more important than ever for making shopping decisions.

Video Perfectly Dovetails Into Your Existing Marketing Strategies

Have a product you are selling? Create a video on how to properly use it. Have a blog? Convert it into a video blog. Does your product enhance other products? Create a how-to video to show its various uses. The possibilities of using video to boost business are endless. 96% of viewers turn to videos to learn more about a particular product or service (Wyzowl).

Videos Are Highly Shareable

Promoting your video through social media sites can also significantly expand your chances of getting viewed because social video can generate 1,200% more shares than text and images combined. Videos are a consumer's favorite type of content to see from a brand on social media (Animoto). Additionally, a whopping 93% of marketers say they've landed a new customer from adding a video on social media (Optinmonster).

Videos Are Powerful Selling Tools

Video can affect a potential consumer on an emotional level that text and images cannot. The passion and excitement about your product or service can be effectively conveyed through the video experience. With video, you are invited into the viewer's world to give your message directly to them. That's why 87% of marketing professionals are already using video to boost business as a marketing tool (Wyzowl).

How Do I Effectively Use Video During a Pandemic?

Stress levels are higher during 2020. These are unprecedented times and we're all on edge. We're looking for distractions from world events. If you can make your video into a fun customer experience for the viewer, it might be more effective, depending on the subject matter. Here's where a professional creative agency can be a big help. Anyone can set up a camera and record their thoughts and actions, but a brand runs the risk of coming off unprofessionally if it's done the wrong way.

Many videos seem like there was no effort behind them, but many are carefully crafted during the pre-production phase. A professional creative agency will help guide you through the subject matter and act as a sounding board for your ideas. You don't want your video to go viral for the wrong reason and do irreparable damage to your brand.

If humor or a light-hearted approach isn't right for your brand, then a genuine and authentic approach is paramount. If viewers question your sincerity, it's game over. Honestly is always the best policy. Never try to deceive your audience. Someone out there is smarter than you and will see through the deceit, and they won't be shy about exposing you to the world.

Whatever approach is used to get the word out, it still comes back to the basics of marketing. Know your “why” – what makes you different and why that difference is so important now (during the pandemic). Effectively communicating your brand's message during tough times will set you up for even more success when the economy returns to normal.

Video gives you an excellent opportunity you translate your core value statement to a worldwide audience, showing your purpose, your process, how you work, and what differentiates you from everyone else. Whether you take a fun or sincere approach, your message must be crystal clear and relevant to your audience when using video to boost business.

Covid-19 Business Response Videos

There has been much uncertainty in the world since the coronavirus impacted our lives. We face frustration because so much is unknown. For many companies, silence has been the standard operational procedure, adopting a wait and see policy. This doesn't assure a large group of potential customers who are left in the dark.

Now is the time to make a series of optimized series of COVID response videos for YouTube. Let your viewers know what your business is doing during the pandemic and give frequent updates. Plans change. People understand this. Showing that your brand is responding to new CDC guidelines, state laws, or innovative cleaning methods through videos also help you target long-tail keywords and appear in relevant YouTube searches. It also keeps your audience informed and they'll appreciate that.

There is also an opportunity to attract new viewers by sharing your thoughts about the industry. How is the industry being affected by COVID-19? When will the market bounce back? What is your company doing to help stop the spread of the virus? The more videos that you can create that quickly and clearly answer relevant queries, the more you will show up in searches.

Inspirational, or hero, videos are another type of COVID response content that your company should be considering. Because of the pandemic, people are seeking out videos that show brands and individuals that are making a difference. Create a video about one of your employees helping volunteer during COVID. Perhaps your company held a fundraiser for the unemployed workers in your industry. People love to see others give back and be inspired to make a difference themselves. Video can add a deeper emotional impact to an already heartwarming story. This is another way you can start using video to boost business.

We’re All in This Together

During a crisis, we feel a deeper connection for our community, our nation and our world. We realize the suffering is widespread and our own selfish needs are put on a back burner. Now is the time to brainstorm how we can create content that serves a higher good. What type of video content can you create that makes a positive impact on people? Chances are your good deed will still have a positive effect on your brand in the long run, but it shouldn't be the only reason why the video is created. Focus on the need right now, and good results will probably follow later. Even if they don't, your brand is doing the right thing.

Taking the Next Steps

Using video to market during the time of COVID is a critical step that needs to be taken immediately, yet creating the right series of videos for your specific brand can be daunting. The possibilities are endless and decision paralysis can be a factor. What type of video is right for our brand or business? How can I position myself from my competition? The good news is that you can get guidance and professional assistance during the decision-making process as well as the actual production and post-production stages of creating your video.

Your Video Production Partner

Captivation Agency has produced hundreds of compelling videos for satisfied clients across the United States. We have trained storytellers and an experienced production team that know how to make your video stand out and get noticed. Translating ideas and concepts into high-quality visual elements is just part of what we do. We design videos to inspire emotional engagement. Whether you want to educate or entertain, Captivation Agency will help you create a lasting connection with your audience as well as help you start using video to boost business for your company.

Fill out the form below to connect with our production team and let's have a conversation about how video marketing will work for your business. We look forward to connecting with you!


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