Effectively Using Social Media Stories

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December 11, 2017
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What are Social Media “Stories”?

Social media stories consist of photos or videos that last 24 hours. The main idea of social media stories is that it allows your business to provide consumers with access to live events; using real-time social media marketing. Social media stories can be used to promote product launches, trade shows, and other events. These stories get the audience excited by providing a different, more authentic view of what is going on at an event.

Storytelling had become an important part of social media marketing. Facebook Stories, Snapchat Stories and Instagram Stories are popular storytelling platforms for social media marketing. Each platform has their own demographic and user behaviors that will influence the types of stories that will be told.

Stories are useful for brands because they are used for sharing daily, creative, real-time updates. Deciding which of these platforms to use depends on your target audience. The average Snapchat user is 18-24 years old with more of a female than male audience. The average Instagram user is slightly older at 18-29 years old. Facebook, on the other hand, has a much larger audience including older users.

How to Use Stories

You can use Snapchat to provide your audience with special content, offers, contests, promotion codes or discounts. With social media stories, you can take people “behind-the-scenes” of company events, give a tour of the office or show off company outings. A behind-the-scenes look will attract and interest your audience.

Consider how your content compliments your existing social media accounts. Would you like to invest in influencer marketing or advertisements space? Stories mobile ads appear between stories from two different users whom you follow. If you decide to use advertisements, make sure you use clear branding to get your point across faster.

Social media “takeovers” are another way of using social media stories. Partner with influencers to spread awareness and expand your demographic. Influencers can help create video story content that will benefit your brand and add personality.

Creating a story requires taking either an image or video or using existing content that is already stored on your phone. You can add filters, stickers or text to your images and videos. Edit your story and respond to replies. Keep updated on how to use the stories functions of these platforms.

Social media stories allow you to market your business in many more ways as well. You can use social media stories to your advantage to find more about your audience by interacting with consumers; asking for opinions or ideas about a new product or service. With creator permission, you may want to post user-created content to your stories. Post at an optimal time and make sure stories enhance your brand.

Stories Creates Endless Opportunities For You

Show off your creative process. Offer a coupon for 24 hours through the story. Show “A Day in the Life” of your business. Turn your blog content into mini-articles. Use one platform to promote another. Show the product in action. There are so many ways that your business can use social media stories. You can definitely get creative with how you use social media stories for your business.

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