Why Use Geolocation to Boost Your Business?

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October 16, 2017
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One of the most useful features that has become available on social media platforms such as Snapchat and Facebook are geolocation filters. While this may seem a bit creepy or useless at first, it's a great tool for promoting your business. 

What is Geolocation? 

Geolocation is simply the geographic location of an object. This is useful for businesses and organizations because of new features that allow consumers to tag themselves at your business location and share that location with their friends. This draws more attention to your business and is a great way of advertising in this new wave of social media sharing.

How Do I Create A Geofilter/Geotag?

Snapchat is most well-known for their geofilters, which are available for everything from a city, to a business, to a birthday party. You are able to create and submit designs for geofilters to Snapchat, which will then choose whether to accept and digitally create your geofilter to be available to those within your area. This design can be anything from a logo to just a name with a cool font/small picture. Once this is submitted and accepted through Snapchat, consumers will be able to select that filter and put it on their pictures that are taken within your geographic area, therefore promoting your business to their friends without even realizing it.

How Do Geofilters/Geotags Work?

There is a certain geo-fence available for purchase that gives you a specific amount of land that your filter will work for. When someone is within that fence, your geofilter will appear on their application and allow them to use it in their pictures. Another bonus of having a geofilter available within your area is a passerby who was not planning on going to your business or did not know your location could notice the filter and come to your location, therefore bringing in more business. The prices vary depending on the dimensions of your location, therefore a geofilter that needs to be available throughout a large area will cost more than that of a smaller area. Geofilters and geotags are worth investing in, as they are a fun way to advertise your business and get the tech community involved with very low-maintenance. 

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