Top Ten Tips for Using Twitter - Part 2

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March 4, 2011
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In last week’s blog, we discussed the first five tips for making your business Twitter account more effective. So without the usual fanfare, let’s get right into the next five Twitter tips.

#6 Thank Users that Retweet You

Being grateful is one of the keys to life, and a sincere “thank you” is just as important in the Twitterverse too. After all, this marvelous person just helped increase your awareness by retweeting your content to their subscriber base – potentially opening you up to even more followers of your own. Whether it helps a little or a lot, they did you a big favor. Don’t let it go unnoticed. Send them a quick “thank you for the RT”. And not just the first time they retweet your stuff, but every time.

Showing a little appreciation to someone that retweeted you is a courtesy that goes a long way to building a relationship with the user and gives them a reason to retweet more of your posts in the future.

#7 Be Human with Your Posts (Get Real!)

Stand out from a sea of automated-sounding tweets by using your own distinct voice in your posts and be consistent with it. Strive to sound like a real human being (hopefully this won’t be a stretch for most of you) rather than a robot with only one mission (buy my product, buy my product, buy my product).

The more you can come across as someone without an agenda (other than to be helpful) and truly respect your followers, the more genuine you’ll sound. Then these same people will be much more willing to give your business or service a try in the future.

#8 Talk About More Than Yourself

If you only talk about yourself or your business on Twitter, you run the risk of coming across a bit narcissistic. Even worse, your self-praises can come across as spam to your readers. You’ll get a smarmy reputation in no time if you spend all your time tooting your own horn and pushing the hard sell angle.

Instead, talk about ideas and content that’s important to your followers. Help them solve a problem or address a need, and they’ll remember you in a better light than the person who is always beginning every sentence with “I”.

#9 Participate in Discussions

Participating in discussions increase your awareness and allows your expertise to shine through to prospective customers. It can also reflect your professionalism and demeanor. Be helpful without coming across as a know-it-all or trying to take over the discussion. If provoked, take the high road. Never lose your cool or resort to the negative tactics of others. Come across as professional and others will respect you for it.

#10 Share Pictures & Video

Sharing pictures and video with your Twitter followers is easy. Since Twitter limits each tweet to only 280 characters, pictures and video are a wonderful way to get your point across in a brief, effective manner. To save even more character space, use a free URL shortening service like https://bitly.com/ to truncate longer URLs and replace them with a shorter, less bulky one.

That’s all for now! We hope this series was helpful to you and look forward to your comments below. Need more? If you would like further information about how Twitter can make your business more effective, please contact one of our friendly Captivation representatives today. See how we can reduce your operating expenses, increase your productivity and make your business more competitive with this neat social media venue!

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