The Stories We Tell Ourselves

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December 17, 2021
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This is a unique time of the year... Where we review all that we have achieved in the last 12 months, and what we look forward to doing in the next year. 

Perhaps there are items you hoped to do this year, but for whatever reason, you haven't gotten to them. 

The last few years have obviously not been without their challenges, but it's important to remember (myself included) that we have a lot of control over how our days, weeks, months, and years unfold - much of which, comes down to the stories we tell ourselves, manifest your future.

Case in point, if your goal is to take up running every morning before work, the last thing you want to tell yourself is "I'm no good at running" as you will never map to anything that contradicts that statement. 

Moreover, your everyday actions will, by subconscious design, block your ability to be anything but "good at running".

Instead, if we train our brains to focus on what we are looking to achieve, for example, starting with "I am a runner", and then, "I am a great runner" - the world around us will open up to fulfill those aspirations as the new reality. 

If it sounds like hocus pocus, I am here to attest that I am not only a believer, but a beneficiary of the phrase "thoughts become things".  And what we manifest lives and dies by the stories we tell ourselves (and a lot of hard work along the way).   

What stories are you telling yourself?  

Thank you for reading and have a great week!

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