The Importance of Journey Mapping

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July 7, 2021
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From designing products to defining consumer behavior, customer journey maps are used in virtually every industry to help companies understand their customers and their needs. But what is journey mapping? And how can it be used?

What is Journey Mapping?

A customer journey map or a user journey map is a visualization of the customer experience. It outlines the journey and experiences of the customer with your brand and allows you to see the customer's perspective.  A potential customer may interact with your brand at different touchpoints. They can come across an ad on Google or social media, look through your website, or speak to a sales representative.  When creating a journey map, you can look at a singular process of the customer experience or an overview of their journey as a whole, from when they first come across your brand to after they make a purchase.

The Importance of Focusing on the Customer's Journey

Mapping your customer's journey helps you to better understand your clientele and improve the overall customer experience. It provides a visual representation of your customer's interactions with your brand and outlines the user experience. Journey mapping can provide valuable insights that help you determine and identify pain points in your processes. It also allows you to identify existing or potential gaps or issues in addition to gaining a better understanding of your customer's feelings and experiences.

The visual outlines of the customers' experiences can be shared and used by numerous departments within your company. These outlines can be very helpful when setting future goals and creating strategies to improve the sales processes, marketing, customer service, as well as overall experiences with your brand. 

Key Components of a Journey Map

There are a variety of different ways to create a customer journey map. The framework and template you use can vary depending on your business and goals.

One main component is your customer persona, a key client persona creates a hypothetical visual representation of your ideal customer. While journey mapping, analyze multiple customer personas, as the experiences and paths with your brand of each persona may vary. The customer interactions with your brand may be considerably different based on different customers' demographics, psychographic, and habits.

After defining your customer or buyer persona, you need to decide what process or processes you want to examine more closely as well as the goal you want to accomplish. Is it to identify existing problems in your customer's experience? Do you want to envision and test out a new way of interacting with your customers? or Maybe you would like to update an existing touchpoint.

After defining the process or processes you want to take a closer look at, use research, such as surveys and questionnaires as well as customer feedback to create your customer journey map. Look at your customer's actions, emotions, and motivations at each step. What are their goals and expectations? Are they frustrated at any point in the process? Highlight any customer pain points and potential obstacles you find in the customer journey.

Using and Updating Your Customer Journey Map

Now that you have your customer journey map, be sure to allow yourself ample time to analyze the findings. Then make adjustments, evolve, and incorporate improvements. What are the key insights and opportunities that you've found? What are concrete changes you can make to the process?

It's also important to keep your customer journey map up to date as you learn more information and make changes to the customer experience. This will help your business to continue to grow and expand.

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