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March 5, 2022
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At Captivation, we specialize in telling the unique stories of the brands and non-profits we work with. 

Although we all tend to play in the same general sandboxes as our competitors, our clients have a unique approach, methodology, or process that sets them apart from the rest.  People come to them to solve problems in the only way they know how – it’s part of their DNA (as is [hopefully] the case with your company).

But what if you could expand that knowledge base beyond that of your team members?  What if the access to the knowledge you possess could feel as much like a “service” as the solutions you currently provide? Have you thought about what your own search engine could look like?

Enter “Search, as a Service”.

The need for and finding information that we don't yet have the answers to is very much a normal component of our daily lives.  While Google leads the semantic search game, there are some big players that also exist in the "search as a service" space that you might not be thinking about – the most notable example being: Amazon.com

Sure, Amazon’s search capabilities are not as "wide" as Google’s (yet), but they are certainly "deep" - with massive amounts of information related to the products they offer (over 12 million) and what people think about them. 

Case in point, before buying anything, I will often search for that item on Amazon to determine two things:

  1. Competitive Pricing
  2. Consumer Sentiment (Reviews)

I know I'm not the only one that does this, as I see many of you doing the same thing right next to me 😉

Amazon is proof that you don't have to be Google to win in the search game.  You can be a player too, in the space that you are an expert in!  With sites being built on robust platforms such as WordPress - there is no reason why you can't create your very own search engine filled with the content of your choosing.

Examples of Niche Search Engines

Work at a non-profit? Create a search engine filled with impact articles - outlining the ways you help those in the community.

Own a manufacturing business? Create a search engine to house frequently asked questions for people looking to create certain types of products.

Are you an artist who sells impressionist paintings? Create a search engine to connect all of the galleries/museums/venues around the world for people to find more impressionist art!

Oh, and did I mention that all of this newly-created content will now also be indexed by the largest search engine in the world?

Don't overthink it.  You have the chops to make the next great search engine for your niche!  Now get to it!

Thank you for reading and make it a great week!

Written by Jim Martin

Hello! I'm Jim, thank you for stopping by!

The team here at Captivation are visual storytellers - building client solutions deployed via web and video channels for such companies as General Motors, Home Depot, Sprint, and NASCAR.

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Working with the team at Captivation Agency has been an incredible experience for our organization. The creativity and knowledge we receive from Captivation has allowed us to spread our message to our community and beyond. In our business telling our story using video and the web is critical and Captivation Agency has been a vital partner. I highly recommend them!