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Read to Teach

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May 4, 2021
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I've recently picked up a new (to me) comprehension technique that has been positively impacting the way I consume content and interact with others - read to teach.

It's the concept of reading, with the intent to teach

It's so easy to simply skim something and potentially miss important aspects of the exchange along the way. 

Reading with the intent to teach, forces you to not only slow down, but to ensure that you comprehend what is being described to a level befitting of sharing it with accuracy.

My team has also found this to be a positive exercise and I hope it is for you too! 

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Client Testimonials

As a local nonprofit, we hold an Annual Celebration and Grant Awards Ceremony each year. Due to our current in-person limitations, we looked to Captivation Agency to help us take our program virtually.  From the outset, they were accommodating and patient, guiding us skillfully through the process with ease. To me, that is equally as important as the final product, and they certainly delivered on both counts. The video was absolutely amazing and is a production that elevates the mission of Impact100 SRQ in the Global Impact community, and across our own community as well. We look forward to our next project!

Amy Tupper

Amy Tupper

Vice President, Impact100 SRQ
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