The Importance of Online Reviews

Article Contents Four Main Signals that Carry Weight in Local Search Ranking1) Volume of Reviews/Ratings2) Velocity of Reviews/Ratings3) Sentiment of Reviews/Ratings4) Keywords in ReviewsGoogle’s Review Policy Summed UpFake/Spammy Reviews Can Hurt YouBenefits of On-Site Reviews: Using Your User Generated ContentOff-site Reviews – the Wider Support of Third-Party Review SitesTo Maximize User Reviews for SEO Benefit: […]
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A Guide to Facebook Insights

Article Contents What Are "Facebook Insights"?Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5Step 6Step 7Questions? Contact Us! 0 Having a Facebook Page for your business can be fun and exciting, especially when you watch your number of ‘Likes’ grow and fans interacting with your posts.  But how do you determine if your Page is really a success, […]
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Minimize Clicks to Maximize Profits

0 Okay, let’s say you’re looking for a certain product and you’ve just performed a Google search and found a prospective website.  CLICK.  You land on the splash page.  You CLICK on ‘enter site’.  After looking around the home page, you find the products tab.  CLICK.  Now, you’re on the products page.  There are a […]
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Calculating Your Marketing ROI

Article Contents How To Calculate Your Marketing ROIROI Calculation Return on Investment Formula:Calculating Marketing ROIMarketing Campaigns Are InvestmentsUsing ROI Also Helps Justify Marketing InvestmentsNeed Additional Help? Contact Us! 0 If you’re like most people, you closely watch your investments, measuring and monitoring them to get the maximum return on your money.  You also compare your current […]
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Three Things to Supercharge Your Website

0 With over 2 billion internet users in the world, the online marketplace continues to expand.  However, the competition for internet sales is as tough as it’s ever been.  The marketplace continues to evolve.  It’s not easy to keep potential customers on your website with just text and images anymore.  Furthermore, it’s not easy to […]
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Crowdfunding: The Ultimate Guide to Running a Successful Kickstarter Campaign

Article Contents What Is Crowdfunding?How Do I Raise Money?What is Kickstarter?PreparationExecutive SummaryTarget AudienceLength of CampaignBudgetYour ContributionDetermine Reward LevelsThe Pre-LaunchPromote on Your WebsiteUse Social MediaCreate a Press ReleaseLose the Hard SellListen Carefully to FeedbackThe LaunchDon’t Overdo itDon’t Panic EitherGet Some Pledges ImmediatelyReach 30% ASAPTake Criticism ConstructivelyOverfunding?After the Deadline Contact Everyone that PledgedAnnounce Your SuccessContact Us! 0 […]
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