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What Your Business Location Says About Your Company

Recently, Captivation Agency moved into our cool new digs, so it seems only natural to talk about the importance of location to a small business.
June 8, 2012
5 min read

Back to School Means Back to Basics for Your Business

It’s August. Football season is right around the corner. The blockbuster movies have left the multiplexes. Cool breezes will soon give a much-needed relief from the hot summer temperatures.
August 19, 2011
6 min read

The Importance of Hiring a Writer

In business, the success of your company primarily depends on your message and how that message is received by your target audience.
August 12, 2011
5 min read

The Importance of Social Sharing

It’s time to get your website users and blog readers to push your buttons… and of course, we mean that in a good way.
April 4, 2011
3 min read

Unbox the Benefits of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an online network of professional people from all over the world. While it all too often gets lumped in with other social media sites, LinkedIn is probably the most widely used social network for business networking, with a focus on professionals.
March 25, 2011
5 min read

The Importance of Brand Monitoring

In years past, brand monitoring was a whole different than it is today. In those days of not so long ago, you’d hire a clipping service that sent you copies of ads and articles of your brand mentions in the print media or on radio and TV.
March 18, 2011
5 min read