The Marketing Secret to Social Media

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June 26, 2017
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When Should I Update My Social Media Accounts?

Most people understand the importance of using social media as a way of promoting their company, but aren't exactly sure how much they should share and how frequently they should post. Social media posts should be updated as needed; therefore, if you have nothing new to say, don't post anything! Nothing is worse than seeing a business post something completely irrelevant. What a waste of time! Keeping that in mind, there is almost always something to inform your consumers of, even if it's not a large update or project. For example, let your followers know how your business week is going. If you packed the house at your restaurant, let people know you're doing well! Depending on the situation, generally 2-4 posts a week works to keep your clientele informed without spamming their newsfeed, resulting in an unfollow.

How Long Should My Posts Be?

Nowadays, people are less inclined to read long passages. Keep your posts short and sweet to get to the point in order to retain interest. There's hardly ever a need to write more than a small paragraph or two, but if you feel as if there are more essential things to say, don't be scared to go a little longer. A great way to beef up your posts without writing a novel is by adding a photo. Photos always help to draw attention to a post and make consumers feel more involved, so use them as much as you can. Again, don't overkill with the photos, just use them as you see needed.

How Do I Get People To Find Me On Social Media?

Okay, so everyone that follows me is seeing what I post, but how do I get more people to see me? Isn't that the point of social media? Unfortunately while social media is a huge help when it comes to expanding your clientele, it does take some work. One of the most efficient ways you can get yourself out there is by using hashtags. Hashtags allow anyone who either looks up or follows a specific keyword to see your post, which then leads to your account. Staying with the restaurant example, if you post a picture of your new chicken dish, use a few hashtags to specifically target those individuals with an interest in food! By using hashtags followed by the keywords "chicken" and "food", you will almost instantly see an increase in page activity. Even if your follower count doesn't immediately spike, your page has been viewed by more eyes than before, which may eventually lead to a follower increase. Another tip is starting your own hashtag so people are able to track your company and posts. Just as stated with the photos, DO NOT HASHTAG OVERKILL. The most hashtags you should ever add to a post should be about 5, otherwise the post becomes messy. Add a few important hashtags at the bottom of your post and see your account transform.

Social Media Promotion is Easy!

While this may seem a lot of information, it's relatively simple. Just feel it out! Post what you feel like you would want to see from a business of interest and maybe even have someone check your post before you send it off. After all, four eyes are always better than two. Social media promotion, as important as it is, should be fun. The less you stress, the better your posts will be. 

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