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Effectively Keeping Your Website Up To Date

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July 10, 2017
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Why Should I Keep My Website Up To Date?

Being a business-owner requires you to have 3 brains and 8 arms; there is always something that needs to get done. While updating your website might seem like it should be low on the priority list, it most certainly shouldn't. Keeping your website up to date allows not only your current customers to be involved in the current state of your company and have all of the correct information, but also your new or perspective clients. Think about it, if you went all the way down to the movies and only brought the $5 you were told the movie cost and found out their prices increased to $8, you would be pretty upset and most likely think before going to that theater again. Nothing makes a client feel more unimportant or discouraged than realizing they've been relayed the wrong information due to a lack of communication. By keeping your website "sticky", or updated", people will want to come back to see what's new.

Keep Your Audience Informed

Anytime something happens in your business, let your audience know! Even if something hasn't necessarily changed, send out an update. Just like with social media posts, people want and need to know what's going on, whether it's big or not. Showing your involvement in the company and the importance of communication with clients sparks an interest from the clientele and makes them feel comfortable and more willing to work with you, as you are reliable.
A great way to stay on top of all of your updates at once without your brain exploding is by linking your website news section and social media posts. By linking the two, you only have to share the new information on one platform, as it automatically posts onto the others. For example, if you post a picture with a short description on your Facebook page, that picture and description will also post to Instagram and your website blog/news page. By having your social media outlets sync, you are able to address all of your audience at one time. Due to this time-saving feature, there's no excuse for an out-of-date website. 

How Many Blogs is Too Many Blogs?

Due to the constant updating of your website, it can get a little crowded. Just like when you buy clothes, when new things come in, old things have to go out. What do you do when you run out of closet space? Throw it on the floor? When you add a lot of new content to your website, you should look into deleting old posts in order to keep a clean and fast-running website. You don't have to delete old posts every time you send out an update, but every once and a while your website should be cleaned up; putting away the clothes you threw on the floor. By having too much content on your website, you can easily bog up the site and increase the time it takes for individual pages to load. No one wants to wait 5 minutes for a webpage to load, which will quickly drive traffic away, causing a loss of sale or profit. 

Make Your Website One of Your Top Priorities 

Regardless of how busy your life is, keeping your website up to date should always be towards the top of your to-do list, as your website represents who you are as a company. By having this constant line of communication with your consumers, you will become highly-regarded and trusted, keeping the relationships you already have and making even more.

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