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September 14, 2021
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In a recent poll, 92% of marketers indicated that blogging was their top format for content marketing, with email coming in second at 66%.  The numbers fall sharply from there as some mention success stories, infographics, case studies, and white papers among the remaining tactics.

What is content velocity?

Content velocity is the amount of content your brand can deploy over a set timeframe.

The content velocity crux

When most marketing professionals (managing a small team) we work with are asked what are the main things keeping them from increasing their content velocity, the following are mentioned:

  1. Lack of time.
  2. Lack of enough interesting things to write about.
  3. Lack of time...

BUT, if 92% of marketers mentioned are writing blog posts, they might be overlooking everything they need to instantly increase their content output, and all with a very minimal increase in time.

So how do you increase your content velocity (without writing new content)?

By placing your blog content at the top of your content pyramid!  There are tons of "content pyramid" examples out there, but what I am talking about for our purposes is the concept of sourcing your blog's content to fill hoppers across email, social, industry forums, and even printed mailers. 

Here's how to use your blog to increase content velocity

Using an article we wrote entitled "The Importance of Journey Mapping" there are numerous content sections that can be strategically utilized as micro-content for other channels. 

Below are two examples, one with a social media post, and the other with content for an eblast.


Facebook post


General awareness/service discovery


"What is Journey Mapping?"

Post Body:

"A customer journey map or a user journey map is a visualization of the customer experience. It outlines the journey and experiences of the customer with your brand and allows you to see the customer's perspective.  A potential customer may interact with your brand at different touchpoints. They can come across an ad on Google or social media, look through your website, or speak to a sales representative.  When creating a journey map, you can look at a singular process of the customer experience or an overview of their journey as a whole, from when they first come across your brand to after they make a purchase."

Call to Action (CTA):

"Read the Full Article on Our Website"


Eblast/Offer Email


Action - either download the offer or schedule an appointment


"Key Components of a Journey Map"

Message Body:

"There are a variety of different ways to create a customer journey map. The framework and template you use can vary depending on your business and goals.

One main component is your customer persona, a key client persona creates a hypothetical visual representation of your ideal customer. While journey mapping, analyze multiple customer personas, as the experiences and paths with your brand of each persona may vary. The customer interactions with your brand may be considerably different based on different customers' demographics, psychographic, and habits.

After defining your customer or buyer persona, you need to decide what process or processes you want to examine more closely as well as the goal you want to accomplish. Is it to identify existing problems in your customer's experience? Do you want to envision and test out a new way of interacting with your customers? or Maybe you would like to update an existing touchpoint.

After defining the process or processes you want to take a closer look at, use research, such as surveys and questionnaires as well as customer feedback to create your customer journey map. Look at your customer's actions, emotions, and motivations at each step. What are their goals and expectations? Are they frustrated at any point in the process? Highlight any customer pain points and potential obstacles you find in the customer journey."

Call to Action (CTA):

"Download Our Free Journey Map Template Here,

or if you're ready to take things to the next level

Schedule an Appointment with Us!"


Fuel the content engine 

The same tactics used above can be leveraged to generate content for other channels as well.  Just ensure you are matching each of them with where your target client currently resides in your marketing funnel.

Your blogs are teeming with great content to use in new ways - and with them, come exciting new sources for traffic and engagement for your brand! 

Thank you for reading and make it a great week!

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