How Can I Help?

October 19, 2021
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Have you ever noticed the difference in the answers you receive when you change up how you ask a question?

Consider the question: "Do you need any help?" [what would your answer be? In most cases: "No, thanks..."] 

But how would the response be different if the question was instead phrased like this: "How can I help?" or "What can I help with?" [Your likely answer: "Oh, ok, how about you start cutting up the carrots?"] 

It's a simple thing, but when we hear the first question, our default is to say "no" because we assume the person is just trying to be nice (but really has no interest in helping). 

In the second question, the asker assumes a task will be given out and therefore it merits a greater response from the receiver.  

This works the same in business as it does during Thanksgiving dinner prep.  Give it a try for yourself and see what happens!

And in the meantime - What can I help you with?  🙂

Thank you for reading and make it a great week!

Written by Jim Martin

Hello! I'm Jim, thank you for stopping by!

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