Holiday Digital Marketing Checklist

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November 5, 2021
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With the fast-moving pace of the Holiday Season, it is often common to get caught up in the crazy and miss crucial elements of your marketing. 

To that end – here is your Holiday Digital Marketing Checklist so you can rock this season!

1: Leverage Mobile

We know... This one sounds like a given... but we still encounter sites that are not fully optimized for mobile browsing. 

Be sure your site is not only optimized for mobile but ready for accepting mobile payments such as Android Pay or Apple Pay.

2: Beef Up Ad Spends for Mobile Traffic

Now that your site is optimized for mobile browsing and payments, it’s time to look at your ad engagements and analytics. 

What most will find is that as much as 75%+ of your traffic will be coming from a mobile device.  That being said, why not front-load your ad spend on pushing more ads to people searching for you on mobile? 

Popular ad placement platforms will allow you to target mobile devices with priority of exclusivity and in turn, increase your ad engagement with just a few clicks!

3: Use Retargeting to Bring Customers Back

Now that you’re driving more traffic to your site with platforms like Facebook and Google – it’s time to setup “retargeting pixels” – a fancy term for some code that gets placed in your website to track those that have visited for the purpose of showing them an ad for your brand when they visit another site.

A great example of this is when you search “Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards” on Amazon, and then mysteriously, while on your Facebook Feed – you start seeing ads for the exact same water sport products you researched.  If Amazon uses it, so should you!

4: Tidy Up Your Email Database

Using email marketing to drive traffic to your site is another solid method for user engagement, however, if your list contains old/out of date info, it’s not doing you any favors. 

Send a “It’s time to Update Your Info” email – something platforms like MailChimp facilitates effortlessly.

5: Recover Abandoned Carts

“Cart Abandonment” is when someone starts the checkout process on your site, but leaves before finishing. 

Many shopping cart systems such as WooCommerce allow for integrations with plugins or services that will send your abandoned customer a message (and maybe a coupon or special offer) to come back and finish their transaction. 

In the immortal words of Wayne Gretsky – “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” – I can tell you with certainty that without cart recovery solutions, you are recovering exactly 0% of the transactions you could/should be!

Let’s Get it!

Now that you’re armed with the tools of a digital rock star – it is time to step out on stage and nail that solo!

Thank you for reading and have a great week! 

Written by Jim Martin

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