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What Do You See?

Cowboy with his horse
January 21, 2022
1 min read
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Take a look at the picture below...  What do you see?

demon or cowboy 
[credit: Google Images]

Now, without saying what you see, share the image with a friend.  What do they see?  Is it the same thing you do?

In most cases, we have found people's first answer is some sort of winged dragon or demon creature.  If that's what you saw first, look again...

Zoom out... do you see anything different?

When we did this same exercise with our team members in the studio, there was an eventual "Oh!  I see it now!"

Do you see the cowboy?

Did You Know?

Humans have approximately 50,000 thoughts a day, and do you know how many are positive ones?  Only 10,000...  Meaning about 80% of our thoughts tend to be negative, going back to that demonic dragon thing that we often see first when we look at the image above.

The Point?

The more conscious you are of the thoughts you are having, the more you can train your brain to see the positive or the"cowboy" more than the "dragon"... 

Thank you for reading and have a great week!

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