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Focus on the Outcome - Call to Action

August 24, 2021
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As business owners or leaders of our organizations, we are always aiming to drive our core clients to a desired call to action. 

Consider your website for instance, as with most sites, you may have a few "Learn More" buttons placed throughout the interface.

But, as far as CTA's (call to actions) go, simply adding a "Learn More" at the end of a paragraph is one of the least effective prompts out there... Why?  Because it's not being intentional about what you (really) want the user to do. 

After all, if someone is on your site, they're already "learning more" about you... But,... did they [contact] you? Did they [donate] to you? Did they [buy] from you?

The Point?

Regardless of where your calls to action present themselves (websites, brochures, in-person conversations), focus on the outcome you desire from the end-user and make that the ask.

Intentional Call to Action Examples 

  • If you have a product to sell, make your CTA "Buy Now", "Purchase Options", or "Add to Cart"
  • If you represent a non-profit, make your CTA "Get Involved", "Donate Now", or "Volunteer Opportunities" 
  • If you run a service-based business, make your CTA "Schedule an Appointment", "Get Help Now", or "Find Your Solution"

Not only are these CTA's more intentional, but they also more effectively inform the user as to what they are about to [do] by clicking it!

Here's to ridding the world of the "Learn More" button, one site at a time.

Thank you for reading and make it a great week!

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