Glasses, Sunglasses, and the Microscope

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June 10, 2022
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Last week, we talked about scrubbing the barnacles (those things that slow us down and cost us money) off of the "boat" better known as our businesses.

And while we're taking a closer look at your business and organizations, let me introduce three metaphorical tools to help us along the way: glasses, sunglasses, and the microscope.

Your Business "Glasses"

Glasses put things into focus. In business, we sometimes lose sight of what we once had a better handle on - rendering them a bit "fuzzy" in comparison to those items that are on top of and interfacing with every week.

Business "glasses" should be used to bring clarity to these areas, give you the view you need to most effectively evaluate them, and finally determine if they are:

  1. Still a viable component of the business, and
  2. That you have the right team members or departments managing them.

Your Business "Sunglasses"

Sunglasses are for seeing those things that are so bright that we can barely hold our eyes open as we look at them. (They also make us look cooler)

Use your business "sunglasses" to view those things that are going well, the ones that are shining the brightest, and determine what attributes about them can be applied to other areas of your business.

Ask yourself:

  • What team members, processes, partners, and departments are responsible for this success?
  • What would happen if we injected those same factors into the areas that aren't performing as optimally?

The Business "Microscope"

Microscopes are for viewing those things that aren't as obvious to see with the naked eye.

Like the business glasses mentioned above, your business "microscope" brings things into focus, while also making the tiny things large enough to evaluate, plan, and act upon.

These could be small parts of a project your team is working on or any other elements that when left to accumulate can become significant.

Remember, a grain of sand doesn't seem like much, but when left to accumulate, the sum of its parts becomes a beach (whether you are ready for it or not).

When taking a closer look at your business through your business "microscope", examine the fine details and ask yourself:

  • What would happen if this were to grow 10 times? 100 times? 1000 times?
  • Would it be great, or would it cripple us?

Regardless of if the answers to these questions cause feelings of excitement or nausea, act accordingly.

Using the Right Tool for the Right Job

When leveraging these newly found tools, the trick is to ensure that you're using each in the right moments.

Case in point, looking at the sun through a set of glasses or a microscope will hurt your vision as opposed to helping it.

And looking at something small through a set of sunglasses only clouds your appearance of it.

Using the right "lens" from above ensures the correct actions take place to deliver the best possible outcomes when taking a closer look at your business.


Thank you for reading and make it a great week!

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