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Tailoring Your Message to Your Audience

July 24, 2017
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How Do I Find My Target Audience?

One of the most important aspects of marketing is identifying your target audience. Adjusting your advertising techniques depending on who you're trying to reach is crucial, as nothing is more powerful than relating to your clientele. Think about it: you wouldn't advertise a specific brand of cereal to a parent the same way you would to advertise to the child. For the parent, you would focus on the nutrition of the cereal, while for the child you would pay more attention to the "fun" aspect of the cereal, such as the cool things you can do after you eat it for breakfast.

 How Do I Know Who My Target Audience Is?

Just as with the cereal example, you have to market your product or business specifically to your audience. If your company is catered towards an older audience, don't use social media as your main platform of advertisement. Instead, think of putting an ad in the paper or a commercial on a widely-viewed television station. What's the point of advertising somewhere that your audience doesn't look at or use? Keeping characteristics such as age in mind when choosing how and where to market are key, as it is very easy to automatically go to what you think you would like or look at the most. 

How Should I Market My Business?

Technology is changing every day and is even difficult for millennials to stay up to date with. While the "latest and greatest thing" may work for some businesses, it may not work for yours. Use whatever platform you feel is best and most accessible for your audience, and stick to it. However, if a new technological advancement is released that you feel intertwines with the consumers you're looking for, try it out! Analyze your audience, use trial and error, and find the sweet spot. This may take a little time, but if you strategize and keep your clientele's lifestyle in mind, you're bound for success. 

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