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Keeping Up with Social Media Updates

December 25, 2017
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Social media is constantly changing. Part of the responsibility of being a business owner is keeping up with social media updates. Focusing on social media updates will help your business’ social media profiles to stay relevant. By staying updated you are providing your business with a good foundation for expression on social media.

How to Stay Informed

There are several things you can do to stay on top of social media updates. One way is to read social media news sites through RSS feed aggregators. Industry analysts outline and comment on updates to social media such as Twitter, Facebook and more. Experts are often the first to know about updates and will keep you informed. Some websites to follow include: Mashable, Social Media Today, Social Media Examiner and readwrite. It may be a good idea to bookmark these sites on your computer.

You can also subscribe to specific YouTube channels that often discuss social media updates on their channels. You can follow social media experts on Twitter as well. They will share their thoughts on what’s new in social media.

Another way to keep updated is to set up Google Alerts. Visit the website, enter your search term, “social media”, select the type of results you want and how often you want to be notified. Attend conferences, sign up for email newsletters and follow blogs. You can even just check for updates in your phone or computer’s App store. The important takeaway for your business is that there are many ways to keep updated with evolving social media.

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