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How Instagram Can Help Grow Your Business

October 2, 2017
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What is Instagram?

While other social media platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest are still relevant, new social media applications and services are on the rise and a great way to get your business out there. Currently, one of the most popular and useful social media platforms is Instagram. Instagram allows you to post pictures and utilize relative hashtags to promote said image. While many Instagram users are personal users, a plethora of businesses acquire business and perspective clients through posting image content on Instagram.

What's the Difference Between Instagram and Facebook?

Instagram and Facebook are actually related, as pictures you post on Instagram can actually be linked to Facebook and posted on your business page as well. So if they're basically the same, what's the point? Well, Instagram is solely picture-based. You cannot post statuses letting you friends know how your day was or be embarrassed by posts from grandma on your wall. Your profile is one big picture board, which makes for some great promotion.

What Features Does Instagram Have?

One of Instagram's newest features is the ability to post videos up to a minute long. This is the perfect length for commercials and quick catch-the-eye videos. Another great feature businesses are able to utilize are hashtags. Hashtags allow you to "tag" certain keywords that pertain to your picture and/or business. Hashtags are useful because users can track certain keywords that interest them, and if you have tagged that keyword as a hashtag, they will be able to see your post and account. Basically, the consumer hunt is over! Those who are looking for your field of business will literally be drawn to you like a fly to honey.

Should I Still Use Facebook?

YES, YES, YES! Facebook is still the biggest tool businesses are able to get their hands on for media marketing. Instagram is just a great way to ensure you are reaching a greater portion of your audience, so don't think of it as a replacement for Facebook or other social media platforms. Get posting!

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