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Give Yourself Some Credit - See the Solution of the Hidden Message

August 16, 2021
Est. Reading: 1 minute

Take a look at the picture below and let’s see if you can decode the hidden message:

Amazing Brain Puzzle
Photo Credit: Google Image Search

Pretty crazy right? Subconsciously, your brain was presented with a problem that needed solving… and like this classic scene from the movie The Matrix – you were able to decode the message and make sense out of content that, for all intents and purposes, should have been indecipherable.  How cool is that!? 

The point?  We’re not giving ourselves enough credit that we have the mental capacity to solve the problems that often riddle our day-to-day environments.  The answer is not always obvious when first presented, but like the picture above, we are able to observe, decode and solve to reach the desired outcome. 

For those that might still be seeing just a hopeless string of gibberish above, you are not letting your brain do what it does best – figure things out.  When you condition your brain to look deeper, you begin to see the things (the solutions) that weren’t there before and can move forward with clarity.  This requires calm, and concentration.  Master that and suddenly things don’t seem so complicated.

hello world!