First Impressions - Becoming Aware of How Website/Social Media Appears To First Time Viewers

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November 27, 2017
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First impressions are important. They help us decide whether or not we want to look deeper under the surface. You’re probably aware of how your actions and your dress can affect other people’s first impression of you. For example, if you are approachable, dress and behave professionally for an interview, it is likely that you have made a good first impression and are a contender for the position. The same philosophy applies to how your business appears to potential customers. The truth is, whether it’s a person or a business, first impressions can be a big deal.

The Science of First Impressions

The posterior cingular cortex (PCC) and the amygdala are the parts of the brain that help us shape our first impressions of others. In forming first impressions we take into account relevant information about that person or thing. Split-second reactions to other people or things is our way of evaluating their value to our own social world. 

After we’ve assigned value to a person, we make the decision about how to orient ourselves to that person. Do we want to know more? Should we involve ourselves? The same applies to consumer’s first impressions of your business.

How Your Business Can Make a Great Impression

How often do we think about the small factors that can change someone’s view of us? The best way is to make an advantageous first impression is to give people good reason to trust and value you and your business. In order to do so, your business needs to feel relatable to your audience.

Appearance is Important

Google yourself. Check your search engine optimization (SEO). Make social media accounts visually appealing. Put the most important details about your business in your profile bio. You have a short period of time to grab the attention of your audience. In order to do this, make sure you have a steady flow of quality content on your website and social media page. Make sure your website is visually appealing, uses high quality photographs and images, and has easy-to-read fonts and makes use of backgrounds and colors that enhance the message.

Use simple designs. Too many elements can make your website less appealing. Make sure your content is updated, concise and organized. The text should be easy to skim and should use either subheadings, bullet points or shorter paragraphs to organize information. You’ll also want to make sure that your website is easy to use. You want your customer to have a good user experience. Check your social media regularly, be public and searchable and make sure your information and profile is as relevant and interesting as possible. Encourage visitors to interact and build a relationship with your business.

Earn Customer Value

You’ll want to appear worthy of your customer’s time and attention. A bad first impression can cost you your consumers’ confidence in you. It could even cost you potential business. Online there is even less time to make a good first impression than if you were meeting your customer in person. The best thing that you can do as a business is earn the respect and confidence of your customers.

It’s important to develop customer relationships in order to make sales. The behavior, attitude and presentation of your information will influence your customer’s decision whether or not to invest their time and attention on you. Awareness of how your website or social media appears to first time viewers is invaluable knowledge for your business. A great first impression is a launching pad for the start of a great customer-business relationship.

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