Importance of Finding Your Target Audience - Deciding What Social Media To Use

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January 8, 2018
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An important aspect of marketing is making sure that you identify and target the appropriate audience to receive your content. The first step of finding your target audience is to define your ideal customer and your target market. Know what kind of people your consumers are, their likes and their dislikes as well as their demographic. Without a target audience and target approach, your business's social media marketing strategy will not be nearly as effective.

Evaluating Your Target Audience

Know where your audience spends their time. Online customers are spending a remarkable amount of time on social networks. Make sure to first identify the platforms that your target audience uses. All demographics use Facebook. Twitter is primarily a source of news for its younger and educated users. Pinterest is the place for displaying products or content such as food and drink, family or parenting content. Instagram’s audience is younger as well. Instagram users are attracted to brands that are related to clothing, accessories and entertainment.

Teenagers and young adults frequent platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, while professionals and those over 35 tend to be the majority audience of LinkedIn users. LinkedIn users have a higher income and more education.

You can even target a specific audience within some of your chosen social media platforms. For example, apps like Facebook or Twitter can help you target a specific demographic through advertisements.

Advanced Searching on Social Media

Find your audience within your chosen social media platform. On platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, there is a search function that allows you to type in key words to discover potential customers. Word of mouth amongst those on social media can also be powerful and beneficial in connecting with your target audience. Another way to find your audience is to first find key influencers on social media and do some research on who they follow and who follows them. You may find more people to connect with.

Make sure when you are deciding what social media to choose for your business to consider which social media platform best suits the kind of business that you have. In order to find your audience, you must first research who your audience is and how and where they spend their time. By doing so, you are beginning the process of engaging and connecting with your customers. This type of targeting will help focus your social media profiles and connect your business with ideal consumers.

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