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July 7, 2021
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As leaders in our organizations, one of our greatest challenges is the need to "clone" ourselves. 

The knowledge in our heads is so valuable to all of those we work with and although we try our very best to always be there when we are needed, it's not always feasible... or is it?

When faced with showing how to do something (especially something on the computer), the phrase "document while doing" rings in my head...share the knowledge.

But how can I document what I am about to do, in real time, so when I am done doing it, I never have to be asked "how" ever again, regardless of team size, new vs veteran team members, super savvy vs novice team members, etc...

The Answer: Loom it! 

Loom (https://www.loom.com), no affiliation, has proved to be an invaluable tool for us - one we all use to not only share knowledge internally, but it's also a great way to share how to do something with clients and customers! 

It's base account is completely free and depending on your needs, you can upgrade your account to access additional features.

Pro Tip:

We often download our Looms and upload them to an unlisted YouTube channel so that they can be easily embedded and shared in wikis, knowledgebase articles, chats, and emails! 

Check out their site for some great use cases (in the top nav) to help get your gears turning and your "clone machine" running at full-tilt!

Do you use something that works even better than Loom?  Let me know!

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Our firm has been working with Captivation Agency for several months utilizing their video and photography services. Our experience has been incredible. They are prompt, precise and professional. When appointments are scheduled the team is on time. Project deadlines are always met. Most importantly, the final products they deliver are high quality and exceed expectations. Thanks to the team our marketing campaign has not only been incredibly successful but also fun and enjoyable working with such great people.

Kevin Lyons

Kevin Lyons

Partner & Financial Advisor, Generations Wealth Planning LLC
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