Delivering value, first.

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January 26, 2021
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As leaders in our organizations, the role of connecting our products, services, and causes with those that find them most meaningful is a responsibility not only reserved for the sales team members - it's a role we all share. 

All too often however, the simple act of "selling" or actively promoting what you offer to others seems forced or unnatural.  Why? Because the people that you are connecting with are not ready to buy... (yet.)

As we talked about in the past, being "top of mind" allows us opportunities to stay in front of our clients, customers, and donors in a meaningful way, so that when they are ready to make a move - we are the ones they think of.  How do we do that? 

By delivering value, first. 

The traditional selling/promoting approach is to present your products, services, or cause while giving your potential customers an opportunity to make a desired purchase or action. 

The problem you have is that the vast majority of visitors to your brand are not ready to take that step. In fact, the percentage of visitors who are ready to buy/act can be as low as 2% depending on your industry.

If you’re only focused on "getting the sale", you’re missing out on all of the potential individuals who aren't ready to convert when they visited your website.  This is where having a "value first" mentality can make a big difference to your organization.

But how do you start delivering value first?

One surefire way of delivering value is by creating content that speaks to (and better yet, solves) the problems that your audience has. Creating content that acknowledges these problems helps your audience affirm that they’re in the right place and that you are in tune with their needs. 

Build your content to educate, elevate, and genuinely help - without ever asking for anything in return, for only then will you be able to tap into the reciprocity paradigm that positions your brand, and the products or services you offer as the optimal solution - not (always) because your offering was the best, but because you showed that you cared the MOST.

This doesn’t just work for new customers, it’s perfect for your existing customers to consistently maintain that relationship and keep your lines of communication with them flowing. 

What could you share with your audience? What problems are you solving that you could write about?
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I have had nothing but great experiences with Captivation. I've worked with them for over 8 years on different projects and needs. With each they show true professionalism, always are fair in their estimates and timing, great communicators and produce really high-quality work. Always consider them for additional work and will continue to do so ongoing.

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Adam Vassalo

Director of Project Management, Epsilon
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