Who Can Be a Brand Ambassador? Exploring 3 Basic Roles

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February 2, 2018
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As discussed in our previous blog, the concept of a brand ambassador for your business is essential to a company's public appearance and success. We lightly touched on the different roles brand ambassadors can take before, but in this blog, we're going to take a deeper look into who brand ambassadors can be, and why each role is important in branding your business and getting your core ideals out to the public.

Brand Ambassador Roles Explained


While this may seem like the obvious choice for a brand ambassador, that isn't always the case. Owners and management should know and understand the core values of their company (ex. mission/vision/value statements), and therefore be able to pass this information along to the public/audience. Unfortunately, upper management and owners often have difficulty speaking in simpler terms to the audience, not properly getting their message across.

In order to have a truly successful business, all owners and upper management must be able to be brand ambassadors. This means that you cannot hesitate when asked a question about your business, in addition to knowing every single detail about every single aspect of the company. Knowing all details mostly applies just to this role, as other roles are not as exposed to the more confidential information.


This role also may seem obvious to some, but employees can sometimes be the best option for a brand ambassador. When hiring employees, you should always keep in mind the importance of brand understanding, as employees are who represent your company on a daily basis. Employees are a company's most valuable assets, as they are the ones who speak with customers directly and represent you and your ideals.

Customers also generally trust employees more than management, as they feel they are more honest and straightforward. Using this customer-employee trust to your advantage is key, as customer happiness means business success. Employees must understand the brand enough to properly represent it though, which often is not the case. Make sure your employees are aware of the company's statements and morals, therefore being able to represent your company in a good light.


Customers are the best brand ambassadors you can ask for, as they are considered the most honest and genuine. If a customer is happy with the work your company has done and understands your mission, vision, and values, they will continue to use you and even suggest you to others. This will expand your audience, and even better, increase your credibility.

It's always a good idea to get close with your returning customers, making them feel special and like they have an "in" with your company. If possible, you could even give them samples or business cards to have in their storefront or to pass out to their friends. This relationship can take your business to new heights, reaching more and more people every day. The heavier trafficked areas, such as hair salons, nail salons, and restaurants are always great businesses to get involved with, as they see new people every day, who can be your potential customers. 

Bringing Them All Together

All in all, brand ambassadors come in all shapes and sizes, but all have the same goal: to properly educate the public about the company and its ethics. When all of these roles come together, a company is set and you audience will expand and flourish. 

Have you identified any potential brand ambassadors?  What steps do you take to empower these people to become evangelists for your service or product?  If you already are lucky to have brand ambassadors, what type of success have you had with them?  Please let us know by sharing your experience on this post’s section of our Facebook Fan Page.

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