Bound in Biases

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March 26, 2022
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Biases.  We all have them, and although we may not realize it as we move through our day to day routines, every decision we make (subliminally or consciously) is measured in some degree against what past experience we have with a given situation, how that experience went, and ultimately, how much of a bias we have toward the subject matter. 

By its definition, a bias can be described as having a weighted opinion in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared with another *usually in a way considered to be unfair.*

Unfair?  To whom?  Well, to you [and] to others.  

Our past biases remind us that stovetops are hot and Sour Patch Kids make your mouth pucker, but what about the biases we don't actually experience?  The ones we learn from others... 

Sure, basing our biases on others can keep us out of harm's way, but it can also keep us from trying new things entirely...

ex. "I hear flying is really scary, so I can only take trips to places within a reasonable driving distance..."

Overcoming Biases

Although it is our hope that many of the biases you've followed thus far have delivered you to life and experiences you're thankful for, here are a few ways to start overcoming biases that may be keeping you from experiencing even more:

  • Awareness - when met with a decision, be aware of the biases you have and how they may impact your decisions.
  • Consideration - consider when and under what circumstances your biases were previously formed and determine if they are valid in the current situation.
  • Curiosity - ask yourself "what would happen if I go against my bias?"
  • Seek the Opposite View - find those that have a bias opposite to your own and seek to understand or at least consider an alternative viewpoint.
  • Be Humble - it's important to remember that just because "this is always how it's been" doesn't mean it can't or shouldn't change.

Being aware of our biases and understanding why we (and others have them) can become quite the superpower while ignoring them can most certainly be your kryptonite. 

Here's to embracing new superpowers.

Thank you for reading and make it a great week!

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