How To Attract and Keep Donors

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August 21, 2017
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One of the most important aspects of running a non-profit business is acquiring donors. Without donors, it would be impossible to stay up and running. So how do you differentiate yourself from any other non-profit in order to attract a donor? While some donors may have a soft-spot for specific causes, it often depends more on the structure and presentation of the non-profit business. 

How Do I Acquire Donors?  

While it may seem obvious, the first thing you have to do is look for who you think may be interested and have the resources to support your organization. You wouldn't want to ask the CEO of a dying company to become a donor, as he most likely no longer has the resources to support you, and honestly has bigger fish to fry. By asking around and asking the right people, you show that you have done your research and genuinely want to find people who feel passionate about the same things as you, therefore are willing to help. There is no point in trying to become involved with a business that does not see the importance in your organization, as they will most likely not be long-time donors, if at all.

Educate Your Prospects

Going off of the idea of finding those who agree with the mission of your non-profit, you have to educate your prospects, as they may not fully understand the idea behind your organization. Someone who has made a name for themselves and is well off most likely knows how to make smart business decisions, therefore they will not just agree to give you money right off the bat. Describe the idea behind your business and relate to them. The more simple yet informative you are, the larger chance you have at gaining a donor. The more creative you get, the better. Instead of just sitting them down at a meeting and droning on and on, invite them to one of your special events or programs so they can really see what your organization does. There is no better way to make someone want to get involved than to throw them right in. 

How Do I Keep My Donors?

Again, another tip that may seem obvious, is thanking your existing donors and making them feel appreciated. The better you treat your donors, the more the word about your organization will spread. Often times, donors speak to each other about the non-profits they're involved in, and a good review can help expand your donor list exponentially. Generously thank your donors each time they donate to your organization and make sure not to hound them about giving too frequently. No one wants to deal with a greedy business. If they haven't donated in a while, send a light, friendly newsletter explaining what you've been up to and what your future plans are, again thanking them for their patronage. Odds are, they'll see your poise and professionalism and continue to donate. 

Keep Your Donors Involved   

Due to the donors supporting a large part of your business, do not forget to keep them involved! Donors want to see that their money is going to good use. As previously stated, sending out monthly newsletters to donors helps keep them in the loop and makes them feel as if there money really is making a difference. 

Go Find Donors!

Donors are beyond important to a non-profit organization, so acknowledge them! The more you make a name for yourself in the community, the greater chance you have at receiving donors. Go out and look for people who are able to monetarily and emotionally support you, keep them happy, and watch the money fly in. 

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