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Where the Fish Are - Building Your Legacy

July 28, 2021
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As many of you know, my grandfather (pictured left) was a commercial fisherman – on the water by 4am, running a 60-foot boat with only one other crew member, back by 1pm selling his catch to the local fish market.

I remember going to visit him at the docks as a kid – seeing him in his rubber waders, up to his waist in bluefish and wielding a coal shovel, used to fill the containers for transport into the market. 

I’m sure there were slower days for him from time to time.  Days where the fish didn’t sit as high in the boat, but if there were, I never saw them.  He was always well respected by the other fisherman as knowing exactly where to go to find the big catch – and all without the help of special equipment, just knowing the waters, the time of year, and the conditions in front of him.

To this day, the fisherman at those same docks in New Jersey know who John Fisler was.  Quite a legacy.

The Point?

Legacies aren’t created by people who talked about doing great things.  If you want to catch big fish, you need to get out on the water and go where the fish are.

So many businesses are still trying to "fish" in spots that have been empty for years.  It’s time to search new waters!

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