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What to Write About

July 1, 2021
Est. Reading: 1 minute

Throughout my trip, traveling to see my nephew graduate high school, this topic came up, along with the question "how do you determine what to write about each week?" 

The Answer?

The same way we determine items to write about in our blog - something that's timely, relevant to our audience, and useful or actionable in that moment.

As a subject matter expert, it is your biggest burden and benefit to explain what you do and how it will positively impact others you engage with.  This is your why.  

From that why, comes the what, and the defining of your expertise in a given space.  That's where blogs and weekly writings come in.  These platforms are the vehicles used to demonstrate and communicate your unique expertise through writing.

Share as much as you can about what you are doing and how it is helping people in similar industries, share your vantage point in a way that is actionable - even without your help.  The byproduct of this is not only staying top of mind, but also forging deeper, more meaningful relationships with those you want to work with most.

hello world!