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Sawdust - Your Next Big Idea

Wood shavings
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April 13, 2021
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Sawdust… Something most would agree is the byproduct of viable creation. The cast-off scraps.

Luftwaffe pilot and inventor Max Himmelheber would beg to differ. In the early 20th century, Max played a very important role in the "elevation" of sawdust, using it as the base for his biggest creation.

Responding to the scarcity of wood veneers at the time, he combined floor sweepings, wood chips, and ground-up off-cuts with glue, high temperature, and pressure – to produce what we know today as particleboard.

High temperature and pressure, 2 things we in business know a lot about…

But, it’s also 2-thirds of your new equation for innovation:

High Temperature + Pressure + Scraps = Your Next Big Idea

The Point?

Your organization is likely producing some sort of “scraps” every week. What scraps in your business can be re-imagined into your next big idea?

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Ami Dewille

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