Pilots and Passengers - Thriving or Surviving

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Today, I am reminded of a conversation I had with my dad shortly after Hurricane Irma back in September of 2017. 

We were talking about how people were responding to the circumstances - some reinventing themselves and thriving, while others really struggling to survive. 

Now, as we navigate the impact of COVID-19, our resolve, our acumen, and our resilience have been put to the test once more, in ways we could never have imagined.  

With that, I'm reminded of what my dad said, being a long-time aviator:

“You know, in life, you’re either a pilot, a co-pilot or a passenger…thriving or surviving."   

The Point?

If you spend your time starring at the back of people’s heads wondering when you're going to arrive – you are not the pilot.

When you’re a business owner or CEO, you need to be the pilot.  If you’re a high-level manager within your organization, you need to be the co-pilot.  If you are a support team member – happy to let someone else do the “flying”, you need to be the very best passenger you can.

Granted, there is a certain symbiosis that accompanies these levels, but with enough observation and interest, the passenger can become the co-pilot, and then the pilot.

Are you thriving or surviving? It’s time to take a more firm grasp of the sticks and climb to new heights!