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In Pursuit of an Orange - Vision of Perfection

March 29, 2021
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An Orange - a vision of perfection.

"Because each part is essential. The peel protects the juice, and is useful for recipes or sprucing up a drink."

"Its segments are the perfect snacking size, each containing at least one seed - by evolutionary design (to increase the chance of being spread to new places)."

"Good design to me is when every element has a purpose. Nothing is for nothing. Oftentimes, coming into contact with good design makes me question whether something has been designed at all."

Izzie Zahorian
Experience Researcher +++ 

The words above were recently shared with me by our in-house UX/UI specialist Alex.  He, along with our design team, teach us every day that great design is not how many elements can be layered on top of one another to achieve perfection, but instead, how many layers can be stripped away so that everything left has a unique, intrinsic purpose. A vision of perfection.  Like an orange. 

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