Five Tips for Creating Effective Website Content

We get asked a lot about web content and the type of material their potential customers are really looking for.  First of all, original content is much more valuable than articles that have already been circulated around the web.  There’s no reason why people need to come to your site if they can find the same material elsewhere.  Plus, search engines rank original content higher.  So if you want to effectively add more original content to your website, here are five tips to keep in mind.

Write Content for Your Audience, then Rewrite for SEO

Many people make the mistake of thinking about search engine optimization as they write content for their website.  If you are thinking about which keywords to use and where to place them in your content, your writing will suffer dramatically.  Write with your primary audience in mind and focus on nothing but writing the most effective copy possible.  Rewrite and rewrite again until it’s a solid, useful piece of content (remember, writing is rewriting).  After you’re satisfied with your text, go back and lightly sprinkle in some keywords and phrases for SEO purposes.

Use a Strong Call to Action 

Does your reader know what you want them to do after they finish reading your content?  Unless you have a strong, clear call to action, they probably won’t have a clue.  Don’t assume everyone is a mind reader.  Leave nothing to guess work.  Spell it out for your readers and your content will be much more effective.

Speak to the Audience Your Content Was Designed For

If you are writing content for senior citizens, it’s going to be written much differently than content for high school video gamers.  To effectively reach your target audience, you need to write in a way that speaks to them and that they can relate to.  If it doesn’t resonate with your audience, they won't be back.

Use Objective Copy

Believe it or not, people are not landing on your page because they want you to sell them something.  Your visitors are searching for useful information they can trust.  Avoid the slanted, flowery sales pitches and write objectively.  Your content will be more believable and people will stick around longer.

Start a Blog, Share Your Experiences  

People want real information when reading your blog.  They don’t want a hard sell or listen to you boast.  Give them tips or insights or share your experience - something they can use.  When you do this, you’ll start building a dedicated following of readers.  For more tips, please read our Ultimate Guide to Blogging.

Use these tips to create more effective content and attract the right type of searchers to your website.  Always use original content whenever possible and don’t forget to write in a tone and format that is best suited for your target audience.


Do you post original content to your website on a regular basis?  Do you feel this content has been effective in attracting the right type of visitor to your site?  Let us know what you think.  We want to hear from you!

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