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Don't Disappear! - Continuing to Evolve

May 18, 2021
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We’ve all heard the saying “a deer in the headlights…”  

It’s a phrase synonymous with completely freezing at the sight of an intimidating or stressful situation (you know, like the prospect of being hit by a car…)  Not only is standing still hazardous to the metaphorical deer’s health, it is not good for your business either.

If you're standing still, you’re not moving forward… You’re content with doing things how you always have and not continuing to evolve as the thought leader of your industry.  

It’s true that some animals use the concept of “freezing” as a defense mechanism.  Why?  Because things that stand still vanish from sight…  They blend into the background – mimicking their surroundings to avoid being noticed.  This tactic doesn’t work when aspiring to be a wildly well-known and successful organization.

Instead – Be the Fishing Lure…

In contrast to those who blend into the background, fishing lures employ motion, bright colors and even sounds to attract attention (and the big fish!)   

Don’t disappear from view, keep moving… be the one forging ahead, charting new territory and attracting the most attention.  Your business deserves it!

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