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7000 Words

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December 30, 2021
2 min read
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Do you know how many words does the average person speak in a day? The average person speaks approximately 7,000 words a day!

And of those 7,000 words, how many times would you say you use the word "very"?

If you're like most people, the word "very" is used quite often, but like we saw last week with the words "soon or "a lot", "very" falls short at effectively articulating what we are (really) trying to communicate...

So, just for fun and a little help from the interwebs, here are 47 common ways we use "very", accompanied with its more descriptive alternatives:

Very angry < Furious

Very beautiful < Gorgeous

Very big < Massive

Very boring < Dull

Very noisy < Deafening

Very poor < Destitute

Very cheap < Stingy

Very clean < Spotless

Very short < Brief

Very difficult < Arduous

Very dry < Arid

Very quick < Rapid

Very bad < Awful

Very smart < Intelligent

Very sad < Sorrowful

Very upset < Distraught

Very cold < Freezing

Very strong < Forceful

Very huge < Colossal

Very calm < Serene

Very ugly < Hideous

Very small < Petite

Very funny < Hilarious

Very quiet < Hushed

Very rich < Wealthy

Very expensive < Costly

Very dirty < Filthy

Very tall < Towering

Very easy < Effortless

Very wet < Soaked

Very slow < Sluggish

Very good < Excellent

Very stupid < Idiotic

Very happy < Ecstatic

Very exciting < Exhilarating

Very warm < Hot

Very weak < Frail

Very little < Tiny

Very bright < Luminous

Very busy < Swamped

Very careful < Cautious

Very clear < Obvious

Very colorful < Vibrant

Very confused < Perplexed

Very creative < Innovative

Very crowded < Bustling

Very attractive < Captivating (shameless, I know...)  

Thank you for reading and have a great week!

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