Using Video to Boost Business in a Pandemic

Article Contents Fortune Still Favors the Bold Why Video Marketing?7 Reasons Why Video is an Imperative Marketing ChoiceThe Comfort Level With Video is HighSearch Engines Are Fond of VideoVideo is an Investment in Your BusinessVideo Builds Consumer TrustVideo Perfectly Dovetails Into Your Existing Marketing StrategiesVideos Are Highly ShareableVideos Are Powerful Selling ToolsHow Do I Effectively […]
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Captivation Media Group is Now Captivation Agency

From our humble beginnings in 2004, Sarasota-Based Captivation Media Group was founded on the core principles of delivering exceptional creative work, coupled with the very best in client service. Although the way we have represented ourselves visually throughout the years has certainly evolved, we are proud to say that our commitment to quality in work, […]
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Customer Service: The Strongest Client Relationships Are Made in the Eye of the Storm

Article Contents What is Customer Service?Why is Customer Service Important?How Do I Improve My Customer Service?More Questions or Ideas? +102 While it may seem like common sense, customer service is one of the main factors in deciding what makes a good business versus a bad one. Think about it! Before you go to any place […]
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The Importance of Original, Unique Content

Article Contents Why Create Original Content?What if I Can't Make My Own Original Content?What Are the ABC's of Content?Questions? 0 There's a lot of elements needed to make your online presence stand out from the crowd, but none are more important than original, quality content.  The right content has the power to educate, inform, enlighten, […]
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Do You Have a Crash Plan?

Article Contents What's a Crash Plan?Know your "Time to Live"!What is a Server Cluster?What is Network-Attached Storage?Questions? 0 You build a great website.  Sales grow moderately.  Everything is going well.  Then, from out of the blue, a major celebrity begins to use your product.  A buzz is created… a really big buzz.  Your product is […]
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Five Tips for Creating Effective Website Content

Article Contents Write Content for Your Audience, then Rewrite for SEOUse a Strong Call to Action Speak to the Audience Your Content Was Designed ForUse Objective CopyStart a Blog, Share Your Experiences  Questions? 0 We get asked a lot about web content and the type of material their potential customers are really looking for.  First of all, […]
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