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As a professional practicing law, your clients appreciate your direct, validating, and expert guidance and leadership.

That is exactly what your law firm will receive when working with Captivation Agency for all of your marketing and video production requirements. Captivation Agency specializes in video production services for lawyers and law firms.

With over 20 years of experience, Captivation Agency is a full-service creative and video production agency that carries itself with the highest level of professionalism your firm deserves. Our unique approach to projects allows our award-winning team to deliver the best in industry marketing and video marketing content to the firms we represent.

As a comprehensive provider of creative services and video production services for Lawyers, our team of 10, experienced, industry professionals have the ability to create and distribute high-quality video and animated content across a variety of platforms.

From pre-production with careful planning of concept to production at our Sarasota-based studio (or on location at your preferred destination) to distribution, you will receive exceptional and skillful service throughout the entire process.
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Video Production for Lawyers and Law Firms

At Captivation, our complete in-house video production team has a deep understanding of the power of video to drive awareness to your Law firm, in order to share your area(s) of expertise and legal services offered.

Video is the ideal marketing tool to capture the attention of potential clients and educate your target audience for informational purposes, as well as answer popular questions, educate on actionable strategies and guide them to take action. One of the most important benefits of video production is that it gives your business the "human touch" and helps you build (and keep) trusting relationships with your current and future clients alike.
"The team at Captivation was an integral part of my marketing plan. Their website design and marketing development team created a brand strategy and website that is professional, engaging, and results driven.

Robert Robinson

Types of Video Content for Attorneys and Law Firms

Our creative team of experts will work diligently with your firm on every aspect of video creation to ensure your engaging video connects with the appropriate audience in mind.  

Below are just a few examples of the wide range of video content we create for professionals just like you:
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Firm Overview Videos

Introducing the partners and fellow attorneys at your firm and their areas of expertise.
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Attorney Profile Videos

Individual video introductions of each attorney, sharing an overview of their specific expertise.
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Practice Area Videos

This is where we can delve deeper into the individual areas of expertise and specialties of your firm.
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Deposition Video

Your actual client and/or witness will come in for a videotaped deposition session.
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Client Testimonial Videos

A single client at a time can share their experience working with your firm.
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Educational Video

You and your partners can share knowledge and information related to your area of expertise.
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Content Asset Videos

These videos give the most value when strategically used as part of a large marketing campaign.
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Video Ads for OTT (Over the Top) and CTV (Connected TV) Advertising

Advertisements of your firm that can be placed on television or any device that can be connected to the internet and access video streaming.
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Online Video Ads for Social Media

Advertising videos of your firm to post to social media such as FaceBook, YouTube, and Instagram.
Here at Captivation, it is our goal to help your law firm stand out by showcasing your high level of professionalism.

Our team is ready to exceed your expectations and help you grow your client base. Contact us today to schedule an appointment, we look forward to hearing from you!
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Client Testimonials

Our firm has been working with Captivation Agency for several months utilizing their video and photography services. Our experience has been incredible. They are prompt, precise and professional. When appointments are scheduled the team is on time. Project deadlines are always met. Most importantly, the final products they deliver are high quality and exceed expectations. Thanks to the team our marketing campaign has not only been incredibly successful but also fun and enjoyable working with such great people.

Kevin Lyons

Kevin Lyons

Partner & Financial Advisor, Generations Wealth Planning LLC
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