8 Types of Videos Every Business Needs

The marketplace is a competitive field and it’s no secret that your competitors are seeking out every advantage they can.  Are you doing the same?  Professional marketing videos are something every company needs to invest in.  Videos speak to your target audience the way no other media can.  People don’t want to read, they want to be shown. 

Homemade videos might be fine for your personal social media page, but professional, well made videos make a statement.  Captivation Agency produces videos that move, motivate and position you as an industry leader.  With over a decade of providing our clients with exceptional videos, we’re ready to do the same for you.  There’s much more to it than shooting video footage.  We listen to you and what makes your company unique.  Then, we take your story and bring it to life.

Here are 8 videos every company needs to be competitive in today’s marketplace:

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A "Core Story" Video

Tanner Tees - "He Built a Business" Core Story Video

Produced by Captivation Agency

This type of video gets to the core of who your company is and what makes it unique. Mission statement videos and about us videos only scratch the surface of what makes your company tick. Your potential customers can see through a generic, superficial product. We dig deeper and find the things that separate you from the competition. We explore the people in the company and the real value that the company has in the marketplace. Our core story videos speak to the viewer, not at them.

A core story video may be the first impression a potential customer has of your company. It serves to inspire, inform and enlighten. This video allows the viewer to see the human aspect of your business and learn the deeper reason why the company was formed and how it serves to help or fill a need. Your core story video can bridge the emotional gap between you and your audience in a way that other forms of marketing cannot.

Core story videos are normally displayed prominently on a company’s website. Because of the emotional message contained in your video, it should also be shared on all of your social media sites as well. The potential for an inspirational video to go viral is always a possibility.

Customer/Client Testimonial Videos

Northside Hospital Testimonial Video

Produced by Captivation Agency

When a satisfied customer wants to sing your praises, ask them if they will be willing to do a short video rather than just a written endorsement. Then call Captivation Agency and we’ll put together a testimonial video that will excite others about how amazing you are.

The majority of consumers take reviews seriously before purchasing a product. They also trust companies with positive reviews more than businesses with few or no reviews. First-hand success stories, captured on video, create a personal connection with potential customers. They can see the excitement in their eyes, they can hear the truth in their words ad they can feel the genuineness come through in their overall testimony.

Testimonial videos can be placed on a website product or service page or on its own testimonial page if you have several videos from clients. These videos are great to share on social media sites and through email campaigns.

Case Study Videos

Google Presents: Dove Real Beauty Sketches Case Study | YouTube Advertisers

Not Produced by Captivation Agency

Case study videos tell a story about a particular product or service in use by an actual customer. They allow other potential customers to place themselves in their shoes to see if they could benefit as well. Case study videos show viewers what they need to know quickly and simply to make a purchasing decision.

If you think one or more of your recent clients would make a good case study video, call Captivation Agency. We’ll produce a compelling video that will motivate the viewer to take action. A case study doesn’t need to be long, but it needs to be powerful and concise. Especially with products and services with higher price points, case study videos are a great way to earn the confidence of the consumer.

Case study videos are powerful enough to have their own page on your website, provided you have three or more videos. These videos are also effective in email campaigns. Depending on the case study, these videos are also sharable on social media sites.

Explainer Marketing Videos

Glowb Lights Animated Product Explainer

Produced by Captivation Agency

Explainer videos describe a specific problem and how your product or service solves it. Often animated, explainer videos make complicated subjects easy to understand in a very short period of time, usually one to three minutes. Depending on the subject, light humor can be an effective tool to help communicate your message.

People’s attention spans are small. Getting to the heart of the matter is important in explainer videos. Crafting a clear message in a short amount of time is an art unto itself. Fortunately, Captivation Agency has produced numerous explainer videos and understands the challenges they present. We can get your message across in a fun, easy way that people understand and remember.

Explainer videos are great for relevant landing pages or specific product or service pages. If you see people on social media sites (whether on your pages or others) asking questions that can be helped through your explainer video, send them the link. You might be helping more people than you realize, and some of those could become lifelong customers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) Videos

Daniel Radcliffe Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions

Not Produced by Captivation Agency

Like every company, you’ll find that some questions are repeatedly asked by your customers and/or potential purchasers. Having a written FAQ section on your website is helpful to some degree, but let’s face it, most people hate to read. An FAQ video answers these frequently asked questions for those who would rather watch passively than read anything but required traffic signs.

FAQ videos break down the barrier between you and a potential customer. Many people would rather give up than email a business with a question. When their questions have been answered through a video, the psychological excuses vanish and they can proceed with an order. For your company, FAQ videos are great for boosting SEO, especially with cell phone users utilizing voice search features.

FAQ videos are perfect for local SEO since most voice searches are from mobile devices. Consider paid distribution with these videos as well, since you are providing an answer to someone who has an immediate question.

Community Involvement Videos

"Comcast Cares Day 2019" Community Involvement Video

Not Produced by Captivation Agency

There’s more to your company than just making profits. As a member of our community, we have a responsibility to give back in ways we see fit. Community involvement videos showcase your involvement in a particular local project. It paints a broader stroke of your company, humanizing your business and team members.

People have choices with their money. They want to reward businesses that are socially responsible. Community involvement videos tell potential customers that you care and your business is part of the solution, not the problem. Community videos help attract new partnerships and free publicity that you might never have a chance at otherwise. Community videos can also attract top level talent to your business because of your social efforts.

Community involvement videos are perfect for your social media sites, as people love to share these types of stories. Also, be sure to address local SEO efforts since a wide range of community members will be attracted to these videos.

Instructional/How-to Videos

Tanner Hitting Net Setup Video

Produced by Captivation Agency

If you sell any type of product, a product instructional video is most likely a necessity. Don’t assume just because your product is purchased that the user knows exactly how the item should best be utilized. Written instructions may or may not be read, and even if they are read misinterpretations can occur. Nothing beats seeing instructions shown through a video.

Showing always beats telling, and instructional videos show your product in action and the ways it differs, or is better, than your competitors. People on the fence whether to buy your product or not will see your product in the way you intended it to be seen and how the results can improve their life.

Instructional product videos are great for real-time targeting to reach potential buyers as they search online or in brick and mortar stores. They are also perfect for customers that have purchased the product and are looking for the proper way to use it. Consider embedding the video on your products page of your website as well.

Real-Time/Livesteam Videos

Tanner Tees Facebook Live Video

Not Produced by Captivation Agency

Live stream videos are best used as events, either taking the viewer behind the scenes of your business for a sneak peek, announcing a new product or service or broadcasting from an event or convention. When it’s big and needs an immediate impact, live stream videos are a great way to build up excitement and give an exclusive feel to your event.

There’s a sense of intimacy and exclusivity with live streaming that grabs people’s attention. In fact, engagement can be ten times greater with live streaming videos that regular videos. For that reason alone, live streaming videos should be part of your marketing arsenal. Captivation Agency can help you set up these videos and provide tech support during the live streaming process.

For live streaming, Facebook Live and Instagram are currently is the way to go. As long as you have a good social media following, you should see some traction with your first event and it should continue to grow as long as your events are of interest. Consider sending out an email reminder and social media posts leading up to the event.

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